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Deyane Moses chronicles lives of MICA’s black students—and school’s racist history

Credit: Micah E. Wood

The Maryland Institute Black Archives were started not to sort through information, but to find it.

Deyane Moses, a senior photography major at the Maryland Institute College of Art, wanted her thesis project to look at the experience of African-American students at the arts school. When she went to consult a published campus history, she found only one page dedicated to the black experience, she said.

MICA president Hoi apologizes for art school’s racist history

Portraits in the “Blackives” exhibit. Photo courtesy of the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Maryland Institute College of Art president Samuel Hoi today acknowledged and apologized for the art school’s racist history, which included a ban on students of color from from 1895 to 1954.

The racist admissions restrictions came after Harry T. Pratt, an African-American man, enrolled at the college in 1891, leading to protests.

Jubilee Arts, #MadeInBaltimore to take part in MICA Store grand opening

Image courtesy of MICA.

The Maryland Institute College of Art is celebrating the opening of its new, expanded school store by inviting young artists with the Jubilee Arts’ Youth in Business program to discuss their wares and offering special discounts on locally made goods.




A MICA Degree Is a Worse Investment Than Just Not Going to College



Whoa. I mean, of course, we’re not getting art degrees to be rich, but this new research from PayScale Inc. is pretty jaw-dropping. PayScale looked at the salaries of 62 MICA graduates ($40,000 to $74,000) and set that against the average cost of a degree there ($205,200) to calculate the average 20-year return on investment. It comes out negative!

That means, theoretically, 20 years after your MICA degree you’re still $90,000 behind someone who skipped college altogether!