Whoa. I mean, of course, we’re not getting art degrees to be rich, but this new research from PayScale Inc. is pretty jaw-dropping. PayScale looked at the salaries of 62 MICA graduates ($40,000 to $74,000) and set that against the average cost of a degree there ($205,200) to calculate the average 20-year return on investment. It comes out negative!

That means, theoretically, 20 years after your MICA degree you’re still $90,000 behind someone who skipped college altogether!

According to Baltimore Business Journal, the data aren’t perfect and don’t present the complete picture, which could be filled out by a much larger sample of students and schools. But out of the 476 private, non-profit colleges PayScale looked at, MICA came in at 473rd in ROI. Ouch!

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  1. Less than half of the mica students pay full tuition so the analysis is flawed from the get go. This is true for most private schools.

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