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Nonprofit Teaches Baltimore City School Students to Breathe Easy

Coutesy Holistic Life Foundation
Courtesy: Holistic Life Foundation

Some Baltimore City public schools are singling out students, bringing them into one room and…teaching them to refocus their negative energy.

AcroYoga, Kizomba, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Massage and More at the Interfusion Festival



Interfusion Festival is an annual celebration of the human spirit. The Festival connects a variety of arts and communities together for a unique melting pot experience. The Festival includes over 30 day workshops, 30 artists, and 2 nights of major shows and dance socials. Net proceeds are being donated to local communities, non-profits and the arts.

Beginners Welcome & No Partner Necessary.

Breath of Fresh Air: Breathing with Heather Davis at Baltimore Yoga Village


Baltimore Yoga Village

catch of the day fish (2)Sometimes we recommend things because they’ve our top faves. Sometimes we just think we’ve found something the world needs to know about. But sometimes, it’s just because we see something and we’re like, “OMG. I Need that. Now.” And so it was when we realized that Baltimore Yoga Village will be offering a one-day workshop on breathing. And it’s coming really, really soon. Can you hear our lungs (and minds and senses of well-being) going “ahhhhhh”?

March Brings Change at Respite Wellness


A note from our friends at Respite Wellness-

Happy March – may you have lots of luck and movement towards spring this month. I have seen tulip sprouts through the snow in my yard this week.
This Friday – Elevate to Meditate starts at 7 PM – guided meditation with acupuncture needles is sure to invite in the spring.
Save the Date for Changa Bell’s Power Yoga Workshop.

New to Yoga Class Card Offier

6 classes for $48 (Yoga Students Taking Class at Respite for the first time only)
Love & Peace to All,
The Respite Love Birds
Elevate to Meditate
First Fridays 7PM
Acupuncture & Guided Meditation)

Mar 7, 2014 | THIS FRIDAY  $25 General Admission
Flowers of Peace Meditation Sangha
Thich Nhat Hanh  Tradition
Tuesdays 7 PM | Donation Appreciated____________________________________________________________________________

New Yoga Student Special
Attend your first First Class Free!

After class you have the option to purchase a

new student class card 6 classes/$48

This special 6-pack class card is also available to our Groupon Students who have completed their Groupon Class Card

Click to Purchase Now

Small Print Defining New Students: Any student who is attending a Respite Yoga Class for the first time, or who has attended their first class free.

Power Yoga Bootcamp
with Changa Bell

Save the Date Event Info
Sat May 3
1-4 PM
Contact Changa for More Info:


Meditation Helps Ease Anxiety and Depression, Johns Hopkins Says

Photo by Sigurdas via Wikimedia
Photo by Sigurdas via Wikimedia

Ten percent of Americans take some form of medication to help deal with their anxiety and depression. But according to recent research from Johns Hopkins, they might consider just finding a peaceful spot and sitting quietly — because mindfulness-based meditation may be as effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as medication.

Be Free Floating: An Isolation Tank Wellness Center in West Baltimore



The Samadhi isolation tank at Be Free Floating

Courtesy Greenmount Avenue — “For my part, when I enter most intimately into what I call myself, I always stumble on some particular perception or other, of heat or cold, light or shade, love or hatred, pain or pleasure. I never catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can observe anything but the perception.”–David Hume, Treatise of Human Nature, 1739.

Planning to open July 4th, Be Free Floating is a new wellness destination in West Baltimore. Practitioners Twig Harper and Carly Ptak offer isolation tank services in a spa-like atmosphere at $50 an hour. They answered my questions about using isolation tanks and walked me through my first “float.”

Drawing with Steel: Lat Naylor’s Art Strikes Mount Vernon

"meditation drawing #3" 2013 -- watercolor, oil stick, lumber pencil, varnish, wax, drywall tape and stitching on paper -- 28 x 25 in.
“meditation drawing #3” 2013 — watercolor, oil stick, lumber pencil, varnish, wax, drywall tape, and stitching on paper — 28 x 25 in.

Lat Naylor, Baltimore Fishbowl’s inaugural resident artist, whose inventive painterly constructions pair sculptural abstraction with architectural savvy, is currently showing work at Jordan Faye Contemporary. The exhibition, “Drawing Intervention,” presents more than a dozen well-chosen new Naylor classics — both drawings and sculptures — including many ambitious pieces that mix watercolor, iron, stainless steel, varnish, wax, and hand-stitching to arrive at geometrically grounded images popping with unpredictable color, light, and organic life. We recommend the show because we’re fans of Naylor’s unique eye-pleasing style, to be sure; we also recommend the romantic Mount Vernon space curated by Jordan Faye Block, housed on the first floor of the historic Park Avenue building that fabled hairdresser/bad boy/party person John Salconi lopped the top off…for his own airily aesthetic reasons.

Complete Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul with Anjali Sunita of Baltimore Yoga Village



Yoga. The word alone can either send you to your happy place, or send shivers up your spine—depending on your prior experience of the ancient practice. Here in the US, yoga gained widespread popularity several years ago when basically everyone discovered that those who practiced it developed a kind of supernatural radiance/flexibility/strength/calm/eternal-youth/ what-have-you. Of course, the price of that ticket is hours of dedication—which can be physically strenuous, and because of yoga’s focus on relaxation and calm, can try those of us with that Western “go, go, go” mentality. But anyone who’s put his or her time in can tell you that the benefits are numerous and well worth the effort. And the level of physical rigor is really up to you. Yoga classes generally consist of between 60 and 90 minutes of simple but challenging physical postures and movements, coupled with breathing techniques that benefit the body and mind.


One local yoga practitioner (“guru” would be almost too apt a term), Anjali Sunita, of Baltimore Yoga Village, shared with us her personal history with yoga, and what makes Baltimore Yoga Village so special. In her words, it’s “the community feel that just cannot be faked. Teachers at Baltimore Yoga Village not only create classes that work out the body, address aches and pains, and some that even become gateways to meditation practice, but perhaps most importantly, they are dedicated to creating community connection. I think that is an underlying need in group classes that perhaps people do not even realize when they come and pull out a mat and drag it to the far corner of the room.”

And we’re here to witness. Walking into BYV, the feeling is truly welcoming and instantly relaxing. The feeling is not that of walking into a gym or health club, but rather, of walking into a sort of sanctuary—a place where you and your neighbors can come to sink deeper into a meaningful practice, and forget the cares of the outside world.