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Valentine’s Day Mini-Sessions from Heart Love Photography


Heart Love

catch of the day fish (2)Want to spend Valentine’s Day feeling the love, but without all the pressure and faux-romance and all of that? Maybe it’s time to look to the tiny tots in your life for Valentine inspiration. After all, they’re pure love, giggles, and joyousness (except of course when they’re not). That’s why Heart Love Photography is offering special mini-sessions for baby portraits just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The sessions result in absolutely gorgeous (but also super cool, non-Anne Geddes-style) portraits that are pretty much guaranteed to be the best Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve ever received (or given, for that matter).

Beautiful Photographs of Baltimore’s Gender-Bending Voguers

Photo by Frédéric Nauczyciel
Photo by Frédéric Nauczyciel

Via Slate, we stumbled on French photographer Frédéric Nauczyciel’s gorgeous portraits of Baltimore’s voguers.  “They invent themselves. They decide who they want to be. They can twist very easily from masculine to feminine, from nice to mean,” Nauczyciel said, of the subculture’s practitioners. “I think it’s very brave, very courageous.”

People in the Past Just Looked Cooler



Don’t believe me? Take a quick scan through my favorite blog of the week, Hopkins Retrospective, which features all sorts of cool visual history, from World War Two-era operating rooms to Gertrude Stein in the library to handsome lacrosse players from 1889 (above). Those mustaches! Those surly stares! A few more highlights below the jump:

Owings Mills Couple Starts a “Drone For Hire” Business

Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore
Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore

For most people, drones don’t have great connotations. We associate them with bombs being dropped in foreign countries, or with sinister domestic surveillance programs. But a couple in Owings Mills has been putting small, unmanned aircraft to a different use — they’re using them to create art.

Baltimore Photographer’s Haunting Images of Woodland Homeless Camps

Photo via Ben Marcin/ C. Grimaldis Gallery

You may already be familiar with photographer Ben Marcin’s work; we actually featured his striking images of lone rowhouses a few months ago. But Marcin isn’t only an urban photographer; he’s also inspired by the places people make for themselves in the woods, too.

Baltimore’s Last Houses Standing



The tricky thing about ruin porn is that sometimes it’s quite beautiful. Case in point:  these photographs by German-born, Baltimore-residing photographer Ben Marcin.

Marcin’s photographs have actually been on view at C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore for several months, but I’m embarrassed to admit that it took an article in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper to put me onto them. The text accompanying the Daily Mail story is predictably heavy on the Baltimore-is-derelict-and-beautiful theme we’ve come to know so well:

Photojournalism 101: Non-profit Brings 100Cameras to Baltimore Youth



100cameras, a non-profit organization that empowers refugee children to capture their lives through photojournalism, will launch next month in Baltimore. The kids go through an intensive photojournalism course, sell their photographs and use the money to buy supplies, educational resources, and healthcare in local marginalized communities.

“We have implemented four projects in South Sudan, NYC, Cuba, and India. To date, our 36 student photographers have raised over $36,000 in photo sales that have funded medicine, food, computers, eyeglasses, and a protective fence,” says Claire Herron, the development director of the New York-based 100cameras.

The non-profit will partner with the Refugee Youth Project (RYP), a local organization that works closely with refugee youth in Baltimore. High school students from Bhutan, Burma, the Congo, Eritrea and Iraq will have the opportunity to participate in the 100cameras photojournalism program, which is designed to promote personal development through interactive writing activities, “photographer’s tool-belt” class sessions, and photography field expeditions around Baltimore.

RAW Batimore: April 4th



catch of the day fish (2)Did anyone else notice how this past weekend really felt like spring? And it wasn’t just the weather. Maybe it’s just us and our glittering social calendar, but really, it was as though after months of semi-hibernation and getting through the drear, everyone, all at once, finally decided that this was the weekend for overlapping parties, performances, brunches, and general getting together.  But it’s cool; we were all too happy to provide the mimosas. But now that spring is here, we’re looking forward to weeks (nay, months) of taking in all the art and culture and general revelry that the city has to offer. A good start for those just coming out of their winter shells? RAW Baltimore’s April event, scheduled for this Thursday, April 4th.

Baltimore As Seen from Space



Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut living on board the International Space Station, has been tweeting beautiful space-shots of various cities and geographic features as seen from way, way above. His shot of Baltimore (above) is a particularly useful reminder of the loveliness of our city, even on a cold/rainy/slushy/“snow fog” kind of day. Below the jump:  the Northern Lights, as seen from space!

Pigtown Design: Christmas Cards


It’s getting perilously close to the time when I should send all of my Christmas cards, but I’ve been undecided as to what to send and how to do it.

Last year, I sent electronic cards via Paperless Post, which worked very well.xmas[3]