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Have a Miserable Poe Appreciation Day, Baltimore

Baltimore's Edgar Allan Poe statue
Baltimore’s Edgar Allan Poe statue

Although he wasn’t necessarily appreciated in life, Edgar Allan Poe, at least, is getting recognition in death.

New Poe Toaster Set to Make First Public Appearance

An infrared image of the Original "Poe Toaster", taken by Bill Ballenberg, which appeared in Life Magazine
An infrared image of the Original “Poe Toaster”, taken by Bill Ballenberg, which appeared in Life Magazine.

catch of the day fish (2)In November, a new Poe Toaster was chosen from among the Baltimore masses. But it wasn’t time for this mysterious orator to appear, until this month.

A New Poe Toaster Walks Among Us

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The tradition of the Poe Toaster is set to be revived. The identity of the new undercover orator, however, will remain a mystery.

America’s Next Top… Poe Toaster?



The Poe Toaster was one of Baltimore’s great traditions–in part thanks to its mystery. Just who was visiting Edgar Allan Poe’s grave every year on his birthday, leaving behind three roses and a bottle of cognac? We may never know, particularly since the Poe Toaster has been MIA since 2009. But now the Maryland Historical Society wants to bring the Poe Toaster back–albeit in a less mysterious manner.

Stock Up on Cognac and Literature in Honor of Poe’s Birthday



catch of the day fish (2)We’re sure you’ve all marked your calendars, but just a friendly reminder: tomorrow is the 204th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. Not only did he give us a mascot for our professional football team,  he also inspired that one Simpsons episode where Lisa’s rival builds a diorama  based on “The Tell Tale Heart” and Lisa steals it, only to be haunted by the mechanical ticking of the diorama’s hideous heart. Surely this is what compelled the Poe Toaster to arrive at Poe’s grave in the wee hours of Poe’s birthday, every year for 75 years. The Toaster, a silent, hooded figure, would arrive at the grave, lay three red roses at the grave, pour him/herself a glass of cognac, toast, and leave the rest of the bottle at the grave site. Nothing more. The phenomenon ended a couple of years ago when the Toaster failed to make their usual appearance. Alas.