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Now You Can Take a Yoga Class and File a Police Report Online, Baltimore

Photo via Wikimedia
Photo via Wikimedia

Isn’t the internet age fantastic? As of last week, Baltimoreans who want to be more limber and/or have been the victims of a crime don’t have to leave the cozy confines of their home to get feedback on their downward-facing dog/report an instance of theft. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Hey, Baltimore — Feel Like Solving a Mystery?


Z9.584.PP8 Detective room, Police Department

The Maryland Historical Society Library has uncovered a disturbing photo — or, at least, an apparently disturbing photo. A crowd of masked men in dark suits and bowler  hats cluster in the corner of the room, staring at a black man who’s standing on a kind of podium. The atmosphere is one of anticipation, of something on the brink of happening — but what? The MHSL archivists have no idea. “What is happening to this man? Why are the men wearing masks? Are they police officers? Are they a jury? Stare a little longer and other questions arise: What year would this be? Why are two of the men seen above not wearing masks? Why does the African-American man seem so calm?” a MHSL representative writes on their blog. And because their own experts (and a few that they imported) haven’t been able to solve the mystery yet, they’re turning to the public. So, what do you think? See any clues?

Baltimore County Wants to Sell You This Fire Station. Or This Elementary School. Maybe a Police Station?

The Towson Fire Station is for sale; equipment presumably not included. Photo by Tyler Waldman.

Personally, I’d probably opt for the fire station — you could slide down the fire pole to your heart’s content! Either way, if you’ve long dreamed of owning a piece of municipal Baltimore, now’s your chance:  Baltimore County is planning to raise money by selling police and fire stations, as well as an elementary school.

Mysterious Nighttime Arrest in Roland Park


I’ve lived in some sketchy neighborhoods since I moved to Baltimore nine years ago, and I’m accustomed to hearing police and ambulance sirens wail at all hours. Like most of us, I’m no stranger to the sad scene of a guy (more often, it’s a male in this situation) getting cuffed by cops along the side of the road. But it’s not every day — or ever before tonight — that I’ve witnessed an arrest in my newest place of residence, Roland Park. Roland Park, where most everyone smiles hello on the sidewalks and the illusion of complete safety seems to make even the resident dogs extra friendly. Tonight, at approximately 9, I jogged past Petit Louis and observed a bald fellow in a striped scarf (possibly Burberry) and black plastic art glasses getting cuffed and carted off. Two giant police SUVs hogged the lot, their lights twirling. A call to the restaurant revealed that this man had not stepped inside the eating establishment at any point, but had been spotted “in the neighborhood.” Curious. No further information available just yet, but we’ll follow up as more comes to light.