Baltimore County Wants to Sell You This Fire Station. Or This Elementary School. Maybe a Police Station?

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The Towson Fire Station is for sale; equipment presumably not included. Photo by Tyler Waldman.

Personally, I’d probably opt for the fire station — you could slide down the fire pole to your heart’s content! Either way, if you’ve long dreamed of owning a piece of municipal Baltimore, now’s your chance:  Baltimore County is planning to raise money by selling police and fire stations, as well as an elementary school.

The property sale would come as a result of several location shufflings that the county has planned for the coming months, as well as to fund new buildings. By selling the Towson Fire station on York Road and the Randallstown and North Point police stations, the department hopes to gain enough proceeds to build brand-new stations on existing government land. Also for sale is Eastwood Elementary; if the sale goes as planned, current students may have to relocate to nearby schools in the coming months. Funds from the sale will also go to improving air-conditioning systems in current schools. “The more we make these kinds of hard decisions, the better it will be for school children across the system,” Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said in a press release.

So, readers:  what would your remodeling plan look like?

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