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Explosion on Wealthy Blythewood Road Draws Attention


What’s happening on Blythewood Road?

First, developer Arsh Mirmiran of Caves Valley Partners buys the ugliest house on the street for $650,000 and tears it down, presumably to make way for something better.

2,000-Gallon Oil Spill Turns Cockeysville Stream Purple

Photo via Baltimore County Fire Department

A nasty oil spill on Thursday morning turned a Baltimore County stream purple and sent authorities scrambling to clean up the mess.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society to Receive Permit to Re-Enter First Floor of Bell Foundry

The Bell Foundry in 2013, by Tyler Merbler

After three months, at least one of the Bell Foundry’s tenants is being let back into the building to resume their work.

Baltimore Co. Fire Department Gets Its First-Ever Female Assistant Fire Chief

Assistant Chief Jennifer Aubert-Utz, Courtesy Balt. Co. Fire Dept.
Assistant Chief Jennifer Aubert-Utz, Courtesy Baltimore Co. Fire Dept.

Jennifer Aubert-Utz joined the Baltimore County Fire Department nearly 17 years ago as a firefighter/EMT. Since then, she has blazed a trail while climbing the ranks of the department. Recently, Aubert-Utz broke new ground by earning a promotion to become the department’s first-ever assistant fire chief.

Baltimore County Fire Stations Outfitted with Oxygen Masks for Pets


Courtesy Baltimore County Fire Department

Cats and dogs in Baltimore County now stand more of a fighting chance to be rescued from fires thanks to one local company’s donation.

Under Armour Donates Fancy Gyms to Baltimore’s Firehouses



Not long ago, the Baltimore Fire Department was so cash-strapped that they considered selling ad space on the sides of their fire trucks. Clearly, there was no extra money in the budget for fancy gym equipment–even though staying in shape is a crucial part of a firefighter’s job. Luckily, some of our favorite local do-gooders decided to adopt this problem as their own, resulting in new, state-of-the-art gym equipment in the city’s three busiest fire houses.

Baltimore County’s First Fire Truck Ad Doesn’t Look Half Bad

Photo via CBS
Photo via CBS

Alas, there were no controversial PETA babes in sight when a Baltimore County fire station revealed the area’s first fire truck emblazoned with an advertisement. Cash-strapped fire departments around the country have started to turn to local businesses to raise funds.

Almost-Closed Fire Truck Saves a Life at Giant West Baltimore Fire



Perhaps you’ve noticed the particular autumnal smokiness to the air in Baltimore over the past couple of days. Unfortunately for Baltimore, it’s not just the afterglow of fireworks; the city has seen several serious fires break out over the past two weeks. In the past couple of days alone, we’ve seen a car fire on 83 that made post-Super Bowl traffic even worse and a 4-alarm fire at Penn Lumber in West Baltimore. Even more scary:  one of the crucial truck companies that helped put out the Penn Lumber fire (and helped resuscitate a victim who “otherwise would surely have died”) just barely escaped being shut down last year.

Baltimore County Wants to Sell You This Fire Station. Or This Elementary School. Maybe a Police Station?

The Towson Fire Station is for sale; equipment presumably not included. Photo by Tyler Waldman.

Personally, I’d probably opt for the fire station — you could slide down the fire pole to your heart’s content! Either way, if you’ve long dreamed of owning a piece of municipal Baltimore, now’s your chance:  Baltimore County is planning to raise money by selling police and fire stations, as well as an elementary school.