Under Armour Donates Fancy Gyms to Baltimore’s Firehouses

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Not long ago, the Baltimore Fire Department was so cash-strapped that they considered selling ad space on the sides of their fire trucks. Clearly, there was no extra money in the budget for fancy gym equipment–even though staying in shape is a crucial part of a firefighter’s job. Luckily, some of our favorite local do-gooders decided to adopt this problem as their own, resulting in new, state-of-the-art gym equipment in the city’s three busiest fire houses.

Under Armour supplied equipment to re-do the three gyms–as well as funding renovations to kitchens in 18 local firehouses. The initiative was sponsored by a couple other Baltimore do-good-niks: attorney Ron Shapiro and T. Rowe Price chairman Brian Rogers. “It’s all about appreciating people who do so much for us, our firefighters and our EMS providers,” Shapiro told WJZ.

Under Armour is planning to upgrade three more firehouse gyms by the end of the year.

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