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Did Gov. Hogan “Save” Baltimore?


Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

A year ago this week, the city was spiraling out of control until a tough guy stepped in to save the day; thanks to his decisive actions, all the troublemakers went “scurrying home.” At least, that’s how Gov. Larry Hogan saw what happened last year.

Ted Cruz Visits Towson



Does anyone remember the last time Maryland felt like it mattered so much in a presidential election?

Maryland Congressional Race Is the Spendiest in the Nation

David Trone, who has spent more than $9 million of his own money on the race so far.
David Trone, who has spent more than $9 million of his own money on the race so far.

Among all the election hubbub going on around town (and throughout the country), you might have not noticed what’s going on in the 8th Congressional District.

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump



Retired Hopkins-trained neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson quit the presidential race earlier this week. This morning, he threw his support behind Donald Trump

Marylanders Like Hogan, Feel State Headed in Right Direction Goucher Poll Shows


Larry Hogan at State of the State

The fourth statewide poll in five months shows Gov. Larry Hogan with high approval ratings — 63% of Marylanders approve of the job he is doing.

Big Fish: Carl Stokes on His Run for Mayor, Development, and Baltimore’s Demographic Divide

Carl Stokes
Photo by Keston De Coteau

Councilman Carl Stokes was first elected to Baltimore City Council in 1987, where he served until 1995, the same year he accepted an appointment to Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners. In 1999, he ran for mayor of Baltimore but lost the Democratic nomination to Martin O’Malley. Since then, Stokes has helped to found two public charter schools in the city (each offer year-round study and three meals a day) and returned to the City Council, where he has been a critic of Baltimore property tax rates and utility fees.

In the wake of the Freddie Gray protests and riots, Stokes made national headlines for venting his frustration at the use of the word “thugs” to describe black Baltimore youth to CNN’s Erin Burnett. I asked Stokes, who is again seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor, about the divide in public opinion over that statement; the relationship between public safety, education, and employment opportunities; and how a Stokes administration would tackle the city’s most deep-seated issues.

Baltimore Fishbowl: What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Councilman Carl Stokes: Take care of your family.

BFB: In a recent interview, you said that improving public safety requires not only investment and improvements in policing but also in education, recreation, jobs, and after-school activities, among other things. When an issue like public safety is determined by so many direct and indirect factors, how do you, as mayor, actually decide how to prioritize spending to achieve the greatest impact?

CS: The best practices and statistics before us inform us on how to proceed. When a community’s adult population is gainfully employed at wages that allow them to sustain themselves and their families economically, we know that crime is much less.

Obama Chooses Baltimore County for His First Visit to a Mosque


President Obama

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama is scheduled to stop by the Islamic Society of Baltimore in Catonsville. It will be the first time he’s made an official visit to a mosque since he became president.

Cancer, Refugees & the War on Baltimore: The Year in Governor Hogan



Larry Hogan became the 62nd governor of Maryland in January 2015. His first year in office has been quite a doozy:

Baltimore Mayor SRB Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Wikimedia Commons)
Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Wikimedia Commons)

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan joined a handful of other governors in announcing that he doesn’t want to accept any more Syrian refugees into the state “until the U.S. government can provide appropriate assurances that refugees from Syria pose no threat to public safety.” A few hours later, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake issued a statement of her own.

Businessman David Warnock Enters Baltimore Mayoral Race


David Warnock

The crowded Baltimore mayoral race just got a little more complicated with the entrance of a new candidate: local millionaire David Warnock.