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No One Knows What to Make of Ben Carson’s Weird Popeye’s Story

SPLC removes Carson from their Extremist Files
Dr. Ben Carson

Earlier this week, Ben Carson made some comments about the mass shooting at an Oregon community college that raised some eyebrows, to put it politely. To CNN, Carson said that if he were face-to-face with a gunman, he’d “much rather go down fighting”; he also told a Sirius XM radio show an odd story about an instance when he was, in fact, confronted by a man with a weapon while living in Baltimore.

What Does Larry Hogan See in Chris Christie?



Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has declared his favorite for the 2016 presidential race–and, to be honest, his choice is a little odd.

Gunning for Governor: Anthony Brown takes attacks on Larry Hogan to another level



Even though he likes to glad-hand with Bill Clinton in public, Anthony Brown has been quietly sliding plenty of attack ads into the Maryland governor’s race. On Friday, the lieutenant governor’s campaign came out all guns blazing. With giant assault rifles, Brown looks to show that Hogan opposes gun control measures. He’s also taking the mudslinging to another level.

Maryland Mayor Evicted from City Hall, Moves into Tent on Front Lawn

Photo via @MayorGrant
Photo via @MayorGrant

Yeah, politics in Congress are contentious. But they’ve got nothing on Seat Pleasant, Maryland, a small city (pop. 4,500) in Prince George’s County, where the city council has evicted the mayor from City Hall… and so he decided to erect a tent in front of the building and govern from there instead.

Hershey (Maryland Politician) Sued by Hershey (Chocolate Company)

Image via the U.S. District Court/the Baltimore Sun
Image via the U.S. District Court/the Baltimore Sun

You know, if my last name was the same as a famous candy company and I was running for office, I would probably try to make my campaign signs evoke the famous chocolate bars, too. But when District 36 State Senator Stephen Hershey (who represents parts of Caroline, Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s counties) allegedly did just that, he found himself slapped with a big fat lawsuit,

O’Malley’s Disastrous ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session on Reddit


O'Malley didn't really want to be asked "anything."

Gov. Martin O’Malley participated in an “ask me anything” session on Reddit on Monday. Users of the social news and entertainment site posed a wide range of questions to the ambitious, term-limited Maryland executive, questions he mostly didn’t answer. And when he did answer a question, his responses were politicianly but hardly presidential.

O’Malley said his intention in participating in the AMA was to draw attention to the statewide minimum wage increase he was signing into law that day. (To that end, he broke from the session mid-morning, announcing that he was going to go “sign some bills, including one to raise Maryland’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.”)

That may have been his first problem. By definition, an AMA tends not to stick closely to one topic, particularly when the personality involved is an elected official with years of policy decisions to be challenged on. So despite what O’Malley may have hoped, there weren’t many queries of the “how does it feel to be signing a minimum wage bill, future Mr. President?” variety. Instead, he was met with a fair number of challenging questions regarding the disastrous Maryland healthcare exchange Web site and the veracity of his crime-reduction claims made during his tenure as mayor of Baltimore, for example.

NBC’s David Gregory to Host Md. Democratic Gubernatorial Debate


David Gregory to moderate primary debate

It has been announced that journalist and embattled host of NBC’s Meet the Press David Gregory will moderate the first debate among Maryland’s top three Democratic candidates for governor on May 7, to be televised in the D.C. and Hagerstown, Md., markets.

Gregory has been taking it from all sides as Meet the Press has seen ratings fall under his stewardship. Less than two weeks ago, the Washington Post reported that NBC hired a “psychological consultant” a year ago “to get perspective and insight” presumably about what makes him less compelling than his predecessor Tim Russert.

Maryland Outlaws Pet Devocalization

devocalization outlawed in Maryland
devocalization outlawed in Maryland

For some, their dog’s or cat’s bark or meow, respectively, is so annoying they opt for devocalization — the surgical removal of the animal’s vocal cords —  leaving the pet with nothing but a pathetic wheeze for communication. In Maryland, that practice will soon be a thing of the past — except when medically indicated — thanks to a bill passed earlier this month that was lost underneath flashier legislation. (Thanks, Maryland Reporter, for pointing it out!)

Beginning on October 1, unauthorized devocalization will carry a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in prison for a first offense. Repeat offenders will face a $2,000 fine and up to a year in prison. Man, those obedience classes aren’t looking so expensive anymore!

In Md.’s Race for Governor It’s ‘Undecided’ by a Mile, and That’s a Shame


'Undecided' is currently winning our gubernatorial primary

Our gubernatorial primary is only two months away, and yet 69 percent of Maryland Republicans and 54 percent of Maryland Democrats are undecided, according to a recent poll conducted by St. Mary’s College. As Maryland Reporter points out, Gov. Martin O’Malley’s heir apparent, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, currently trails “Undecided” by a 2 to 1 margin!

Political science professor Todd Eberly judges the governorship as Brown’s to lose. He sees no serious competition from his own party (Gansler is holding at 11 percent, Mizeur at 8 percent) or Republicans (in addition to being outnumbered by Dems in general, leading GOP candidate Larry Hogan has only 16-percent support), leaving the lieutenant governor to limp into office.

This is sad news considering how much influence a governor — particularly a Democratic one — can wield in our state legislature. Over the last three sessions O’Malley has managed to pass a heap of pet bills, including a notoriously gerrymandered congressional map, the Md. Dream Act, casino gambling, increased gun control measures, an offshore wind energy program, a repeal of the death penalty, an increase in minimum wage. He didn’t always get everything he wanted the first go-round. But he was able to pass almost everything eventually, even if he had to resort to “persuasive techniques, of which he has many.”

House and Senate Couldn’t Agree on ‘House of Cards’ Tax Credit


Opening of the State of Maryland legislature Annapolis, Md

Uh oh. It looks like Maryland’s 2014 legislative session ended without an agreement between the House and Senate on a tax credit to keep the House of Cards production in Maryland. When push came to shove, negotiations between the two chambers stalled out on the issue of invoking eminent domain to seize the property of film and television productions that leave the state. The House refuse to remove the Frank Underwood-worthy language, while the Senate refused to accept it.