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GreenLaurel: Will rain levels ever go back to normal?

When being no. 1 is not optimal. Credit: N.O.A.A.

This edition of GreenLaurel is sponsored by the upcoming Chesapeake Film Festival. On Saturday, October 13, the waterfront Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM) will host a day of environmental films as part of the film festival. Click here for the full schedule of films.

To answer that question in the headline–no. This is a taste of the new normal. Scientists answered the rain question decades ago. Now we’re living with climate change, and it’s catching a lot of us off guard. Your next step might be awareness, then action and adaptation. We have a few ideas for all three.

Under Flood Watch One Year After Deadly Rains, Ellicott City Proceeding With Weekend Commemoration

Photo of Ellicott City in May 2016. By Famartin, via Wikimedia Commons.

Almost one year ago to this day, a deadly flood swept through Old Ellicott City and took much of the town with it into the Patapsco River. This weekend, the Ellicott City community will be commemorating the sad occasion while outlasting another threat of a flood.

GreenLaurel: Four Ways Climate Change Is Affecting Baltimore Today


A smart bunch of oceanographers from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and others combed through 114 years of Maryland weather data. They discovered something you may already suspect: Baltimore’s weather and climate have changed significantly. Yet, how it’s changing — and will continue to change — our daily life may surprise you. Here’s what to expect and how you can be part of the climate solution. 

Police Save Floating Light City Installation from Sinking in Pouring Rain

“Drift,” by Stephanie Imbeau. Photo via Baltimore Police Department.

On the first day of Light City, continuous downpours threatened one of the art installations in the festival’s main visual art attraction, the Light Art Walk in the Inner Harbor. Thankfully, Baltimore police were there to save the day.

Meadow Mill Businesses Clean Up After Weekend Flood

Photo by Ed Gunts
Photo by Ed Gunts

In Baltimore’s Meadow Mill business community, many tenants spent Monday cleaning up and drying out after Saturday’s flood, with some planning to reopen right away but at least one tenant saying it may be weeks before his business can reopen.

Baltimore Setting Rain Records This Week



In case you haven’t noticed, Baltimore has been kind of damp over the past couple of weeks.

We Are in the Middle of Baltimore’s Raniest June. Ever.



It sure has been damp around here recently, hasn’t it? Between the rain clouds, slow summer drizzles, and dramatic tornado-warning thunderstorms, we’ve seen nearly 10 inches of rain so far this month–that’s almost three times the average of 3.46 inches of rain.