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Jewish Baltimore Eats: Seven Can’t-Miss Recipes


The coronavirus has changed the way we now eat. With restaurants closing to sit-down business, we are cooking and baking more than ever. In fact, flour, vanilla and yeast are becoming some of the hottest commodities – often as hard to find as toilet paper.

While staying at home means less outings to the grocery store and much less spent at restaurants, it gives us an opportunity to show off our inner foodie. There are countless old recipes to recreate and even new ones to try.

Our staff and community members have been putting their culinary skills to good use. Here’s what we’re cooking up in our kitchens:

I Wanna Stay Home and Make Gumbo with You, Ma


Right in time for Mother’s Day, University of Baltimore MFA candidate Tara Orchard writes about working with her mom in the kitchen. In the beginning, her mom taught her how to crack an egg and cook an elaborate meal, then the tables turned.

My mother’s kitchen is small. And in a small kitchen, there is one thing that you need to know: you need to dance—in a manner of speaking. Since my mother and I developed our own dance long ago, there is never a problem when we cook and there hasn’t been for many years. A hand to the hip—step to the side. A reach across—take a step back. Just saying a name: Get out of my way, woman, this pot is hot! Like many things though, this dance took time, and it had to start somewhere.

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, to Appear at Williams Sonoma, Cross Keys Dec. 13

Cooking Guru and Food Network Star Ina Garten Visits Williams Sonoma, Cross Keys on Thursday

If you love cooking and you love easy recipes with fresh ingredients, Ina Garten has got to be on your bookshelf.  Meet her at Cross Keys on Thursday.

Charm City Cook: Thanksgiving!


Cooking. Relaxing. Friends and family. Great food. No pressure of gifts! I love Thanksgiving.

Charm City Cook: Put an Egg on It

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Portlandia bit “Put a bird on it!” where spazzy crafters decide that everything’s better with a bird on it. Etsy gone wild. The food version of that is “put an egg on it!” It seems to be the ultimate food porn of the moment. There are even Pinterest boards dedicated to it. I love this one.
I made an amazing asparagus gruyere tart this weekend and shared some with my neighbors. They added a fried egg on top when they had it for dinner. Great idea, guys! Fresh eggs are the best, best, best. That’s why I got my girls. (Thank you, again,Joan!)  I get two to three fresh eggs everyday, so now I’m putting eggs on all kinds of stuff – pizza, chili, salad, pasta and more! 

Sweet, Salty Goodness

Are you a chocoholic? Love it, crave it, obsess over it? Would like your world to be covered in it? Or maybe you’re all about salty snackage like olives, salami or pistachios, maybe? Choose an appetizer over a dessert? Well, this dessert could make just about everyone happy.

Salted caramel is quite the food darling right now. Ice cream, desserts, candies…it’s everywhere. Have you ever had those amazing Mouth Party caramels? Holy-eat-the-entire-bag goodness. One reason salted caramel is big of course, is that it’s not too sweet and not too salty. I’m not a big sweets person. Give me some salty onion dip and potato chips…that’s a guilty pleasure for me, hon. But I know plenty of people who’d much rather have a chocolate bar, mocha latte or some? other sweet tooth craving. I still like those people. They are my friends…and my mom, totally.

I found this dessert on the absolutely addictive website, Pinterest, which my friend calls “crack cocaine” – not really appropriate but you get the idea. Try it out, you will get hooked – it’s sorta like a virtual bulletin board. Super fun. Anyhow, I looked at the photo of these brownies on the site and clicked through to the recipe. Repinned it. Looked at it again. Then, I put my computer away and it kept coming back into my head: Salted Caramel Brownies. Salted Caramel Brownies. Salted Caramel Brownies.

So, I checked the ‘ol pantry and somehow, I actually had all of the recipe ingredients on hand. Since I don’t have the sweetest tooth in Charm City, I don’t really make that many desserts – usually just for other people or if I happen to taste something amazing and want to replicate it. However, I am completely in love with Taharka Brothers salted caramel ice cream, so…duh. There I went into my tiny Hampden kitchen.

Let me say this recipe is very simple – AND is 100% better the next day. It becomes more solid and kinda like fudge. Hellouuu. You will have leftover salted caramel sauce, too, which I recommend warming very slightly and adding to the brownie when it’s cold or room temp. Also these brownies are extremely rich, so cut them into bite size pieces. 
I took them to work the next day and everyone FLIPPED out. Shared the recipe on my Facebook page and three friends made them!

The perfect little sweet salty bite. Bliss. Again, here is the recipe. Insanely good.