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UPDATE: Diagrams Show Which Buildings Face Demolition in Baltimore’s Correctional Complex

Diagram via Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services

A planned partial demolition of Baltimore’s correctional complex off of I-83 will bring down an iconic castle-like administration building overlooking E. Madison Street, the turreted west wing of the Metropolitan Transit Center and the men’s and women’s detention centers, according to diagrams from state documents.

Spotlighters Theatre Drops Plan to Renovate Read’s Drug Store for its New Home

A rendering of the proposed redevelopment of Read’s Drug Store.

An $11 million plan to renovate the historic Read’s Drug Store on Howard Street has fallen through – in part because of questions about safety and the pace of redevelopment on the west side of downtown.

Cross Street Market Renovation May be on Again

An old image of Cross Street Market.

The proposed renovation of Baltimore’s Cross Street Market, thought to be off as of last month, may be on again.

No Bids for the Historic Mayfair Theater

Mayfair Theatre
An older image of the historic Mayfair Theatre property.

The Baltimore Development Corporation didn’t receive any bids from groups interested in redeveloping the historic Mayfair Theater and the land next to it.

Towson Barnes & Noble Closing Due to Proposed Construction in the Area, Executive Says


Barnes & Noble didn’t want to close its Towson store, but is leaving due to forces beyond its control, according to a corporate executive in New York.

City, State Planning to Build Innovation Center on Old ‘Murder Mall’ Site

The proposed Innovation Center to replace the demolished apartments, Courtesy AB Associates

Today, the governor, the mayor and community officials gathered to bid farewell to the Madison Park North Apartments, a former subsidized housing complex off of North Avenue in Reservoir Hill once called the “Murder Mall” of Baltimore.

Patterson Park Might Lose its Ice Skating Rink

Photo via Charm City Now
Photo via Charm City Now

Patterson Park is being seriously redeveloped for the first time in nearly 20 years, which is great news–except that the park’s new look might not include one of its most fun features, the ice rink.

Developer Sees Baltimore Riot Damage as an Opportunity



When Carl Verstandig, CEO of America’s Realty LLC, looks at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenue, he doesn’t see blight and riot damage. He sees opportunities for redevelopment.

Kevin Plank’s Brother is Behind the Only Proposal to Redevelop Federal Hill’s Public Market


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.55.07 PMThe City issued a call for developers who wanted to make the Cross Street Market in Federal Hill their next venture. When it came time to submit plans, a plan conceived in part by ex-Under Armour exec Scott Plank was the only one to appear, according to SouthBmore.com.

The New New York Fried Chicken Building Brings New Life to the Station North Arts District

Photo (and rooster art) by Gaia

The former New York Fried Chicken building on the corner of North Avenue and Charles Street used to be a monument to late night bad-decision eating (oh, those little styrofoam tubs of mac n cheese!); but since it was shuttered over a year ago, it’s become a symbol of the precarious state of Station North, a neighborhood hovering somewhere between gentrification and neglect. So we were excited to hear about the recently-announced plans to redevelop the building and incorporate it into the area’s thriving arts community.