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The Worst Health Care in the Most Medically Advanced City

Photo by Alia Malek/via Al Jazeera America
Photo by Alia Malek/via Al Jazeera America

Baltimore is the home base of one of the best hospital systems in the country. So why do so many city residents still get such sub-par healthcare?

Mount Vernon Shooting: Are All Victims Treated Equally?


When Alex Ulrich was killed in a double shooting in Baltimore last week, the city sat up and took notice. A vigil at the Washington Monument drew hundreds of mourners who celebrated Ulrich’s life, denounced violence, and honored the shooting’s other victim, popular Mount Vernonite Larry Peterson (who was critically injured but is recovering).

Taking the ZigZag Path to Druid Hill Park


Most people who’ve been to Druid Hill Park don’t actually know it. They go down to the Maryland Zoo (which is right in the middle of Druid Hill) and leave without ever noticing anything else the park has to offer. They don’t see the baseball diamonds, or the historic, famously desegregated tennis courts, or the for-whatever-reason very Asian looking pavilions. They miss the small, historic cemetery, the arboretum, and the surprisingly pristine blue shock of Druid Hill Lake.