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2 Injured in Frederick School Shooting, Suspects Still at-Large


FHSPolice are searching for suspects in a Tuesday night shooting at Frederick High School. Two local students were injured in the shooting, which happened during a basketball game.

Baltimore County Teen’s School Shooting Plot Disrupted by Police

Sash Alexander Nemphos (Balt. Co. PD)
Sash A. Nemphos (Balt. Co. PD)

Updated 6 p.m.

A teen was planning a school shooting in Towson, but he’s now in custody after being caught breaking into cars over the weekend, according to Baltimore County police.

Towson Student Threatens to Shoot Up Campus, Gets Arrested



Hey, kids, I’ve got a tip for you. If you ever get stressed out about school, one thing you should not do is threaten to shoot up the school. That’s what 18-year-old Towson student Matthew Cole did last week, according to WJZ. And then he promptly got arrested.

Two Baltimore City Charter Schools on Lockdown After Reports of Intruder


The Baltimore Police are “investigating an incident” at two KIPP Academy charter schools in Northwest Baltimore. According to the Baltimore Sun, SWAT teams have responded as well. “Students are doing an amazing job and are calm and secure,” the school posted on its Facebook page. Parents with students at either school are being asked to report to Poly-Western High School. Follow the Baltimore Police Twitter feed for more updates…

We Interrupt Your Regular Holiday Programming to Bring You This Message


connecticut-15-chi_2429199cImage courtesy of the Crunk Feminist Collective blog.

Five days after the Newtown, CT, shooting, Marion Winik shares a proposal, a petition, and a poem…

It is beyond me to finish the end-of-year column I was working on this week, which is feather-light and silly and which I will try to get back to next time. Like everyone else, I am filled with grief and rage for people of Newtown and the concentric circles of family and friends that ripple out, by six or 60 degrees of separation, to touch every one of us.

School Shooters: Warning Signs and Misconceptions



Katherine Newman isn’t just the new dean of Johns Hopkins’ School of Arts & Sciences; she also happens to be an expert on school shootings — and, sadly, she’s getting plenty of chances to use her expertise these days. In the aftermath of the Newtown shootings last week, Newman spoke with CNN about the warning signs and common factors that link these tragedies.

This Week in Research: Why School Shooters Shoot; When Picky Eaters Grow Up


“Why did he do it?” is the refrain that echoes across the media whenever a school shooting (like the one last week at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County) occurs. The very fact that the shootings keep prompting the same question (and that the shootings keep happening at all) indicates that, on some level, we have no idea what’s going through these kids’ minds. But Katherine Newman, a dean at Johns Hopkins and a co-author of a book on school shootings, has some insight:

UPDATE: 15-year-old PHHS shooter charged with attempted first-degree murder


The Baltimore Sun is reporting that one student has been shot on the first day of school at Baltimore County’s Perry Hall High School. The student, whose name has not been reported, has been flown to shock trauma. According to police, students are being escorted to the Perry Hall Shopping Center. The shooter is apparently in custody.

One site claims to have found the shooter’sFacebook and Twitter pages, on which he professes his love for the Manson Family and Rammstein, and perhaps even announces his plans for the shooting.

Another site claims that the shooter was a victim of bullying and assembled the rifle used in the crime in the bathroom.

UPDATE:  Police have charged Robert Wayne Gladden, Jr., 15, with attempted first-degree murder and assault.  He has been charged as an adult, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The victim remains in critical condition at an area hospital.

Several news organizations are reporting that a Facebook post from a Perry Hall student read “first day of school, last day of my life,” but it has not been officially confirmed to be the Facebook page of Gladden.

The family of the shooter has issued the following statement: “We are horrified. We did not see this coming and our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and the victim’s family.”