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Critics hit Trump’s food program plan as ‘devastating’ to Maryland

A grocery store in Mount Rainier, Md. Photo by Lance Cheung, via Wikimedia Commons.

By Julia Lerner

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for fiscal 2019 includes an overhaul of a supplemental food assistance program for low-income people that could affect nearly 750,000 Marylanders.

SRB Among Mayors Looking to Limit Poor People’s Access to Soda



Eighteen mayors across the country, include our own Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (and as you could probably guess, New York’s Michael Bloomberg) have signed a letter to congressional leaders, requesting that sugary drinks be added to the list of purchases that cannot be made with food stamps.

Now, I get it. We have an obesity epidemic. And public policy changes  may be in order. But opportunistically using food stamps to try to dictate someone’s grocery list is a little offensive, and probably totally futile. My family received food stamps briefly, and it didn’t come close to covering our grocery bill. Which is to say, if there were something that food stamps couldn’t buy, we wouldn’t have gone without it.