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Howard County Principal’s Snow Day Video Goes Viral


waterloo principal snow day video

“A principal’s work is never done,” according to Waterloo Elementary School Principal Sean Martin.

The Great Baltimore Parking-in-the-Snow Chair Battle



Originally published March 4, 2014 – Usually, Baltimore’s winters aren’t snowy enough for the serious, Chicago-style chair fights to break out. But with this year, it’s getting heated again.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The practice of shoveling out a parking spot, then putting a chair there all day so no one can take it while you’re gone. The pro-chair crowd argues that their hard work should be rewarded; by shoveling out that spot, they are essentially investing sweat equity in the property. And the anti-chair crowd says that they are selfish jerks.

This whole fight raises a lot of questions — for example, if you actually remove the chair in a shoveled-out spot, are you righting a wrong, or just doubling down on jerkiness? Are chairs put out to save spots fair game for, um, gathering? Should you write a passive aggressive note if someone steals your spot? If you don’t put a chair in the spot you shovel out, are you sure you’re not a Communist?

The Death of the Snow Day



When I was little, a snow day was like a totally unexpected gift from the gods of childhood. I lived in Virginia, so half the time school got cancelled there was only a minor dusting, certainly not enough to spend the day sledding or crafting the perfect snowman. But who needs snow when you’ve got an unexpected day off school? Without plans or goals, my brothers and I would just laze about and do whatever kids do when they’ve got unscheduled free time. (Probably make up weird stories and act them out with action figures, if I remember correctly.)

But thanks to technology that allows teachers to keep up with students even when school isn’t technically in session, that kind of snow day is increasingly a thing of the past.

What to Do on Your Snow Day

Photo by Greg Pease
Photo by Greg Pease

Hey, Baltimore — in case you haven’t noticed, it’s snowing. If you’re lucky, that means no work… and no school. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t be driving with the roads looking like that. Some of us are good at entertaining ourselves while housebound; others, not so much. For those of you going stir crazy, here are a few ways you might consider spending your snow day:

  • Looking for an artistic challenge? Build your own man-woman sculpture out of snow. (If you actually do this, please send us photos!)