What to Do on Your Snow Day

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Photo by Greg Pease
Photo by Greg Pease

Hey, Baltimore — in case you haven’t noticed, it’s snowing. If you’re lucky, that means no work… and no school. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t be driving with the roads looking like that. Some of us are good at entertaining ourselves while housebound; others, not so much. For those of you going stir crazy, here are a few ways you might consider spending your snow day:

  • Looking for an artistic challenge? Build your own man-woman sculpture out of snow. (If you actually do this, please send us photos!)

  • Whip up a batch (or four) of cookies. Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat them all — you can host a cookie swap, give them away to neighbors, or donate them to a local shelter to brighten up someone else’s day.
  • Better yet — start practicing making your own Berger cookies, since the company might go belly up in the near future.


  • Host your own Baltimore-themed film/television festival. You could stick with the classics (Hairspray, Diner, etc.), or watch all the new television shows that are set in DC but filmed in Baltimore. How may local landmarks can you spot?
  • Write letters to friends and family. When was the last time you actually sent or received a hand-written letter? It’s an amazing feeling — and people really appreciate them. If you don’t have any fancy stationery, don’t let that stop you — surely you’ve got some holiday glitter lying around.
  • DIY nail art. Make sure to have plenty of nail polish remover handy in case of disaster.


  • Host a household dance party. Here’s a great Christmas-themed soul mix.
  • Try to get your pet to wear a Santa hat. (This could take all day.) Make sure to have the camera ready to take photos for the .5 seconds it’s actually on.)


  • Hightail it to your nearest sledding hill before everyone else gets here. You should already know where to go, but just in case, here’s a list of popular Baltimore sledding hills.


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  1. Ok — I laughed out loud, and when I got to the picture of the happy kitty in the santa uniform, I almost spit out my coffee!! Love it!

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