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At RPCS, Students are Seeing Green

Students in the backwoods at RPCS.

This past Monday, on an unseasonably warm day for December, I was led on an environmental tour that followed a crushed gravel and dirt trail through five acres of woodlands, allowing me to witness up close 300-year-old trees, a spring-fed stream, and the remnants of a farm homestead believed to date to the 19th century. Even more unusual than the 65 degree weather on this early December ramble was the fact that I didn’t have to leave Baltimore to take it. In fact, the entire tour took place within the boundaries of a Baltimore city school campus, proffered by an enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable environmental educator. 

Inspired Habitat: A No Rake Fall, Putting Fall Leaves to Work


Fall… all the beautiful colors on the trees… and the piles of leaves on the ground. All those pretty leaves are more than just eye-candy that requires a lot of work to deal with. With a little effort you can put those leaves to work for you. Whatever you decide to do with your fallen leaves, make sure to keep them off sidewalks and streets where they can become slippery and dangerous for drivers, bike riders and pedestrians. Take care to keep storm drains clear as well.

Inspired Habitat: Should We Salvage That?


Many people are choosing to renovate their old homes rather than sell and build new. The reasons are different for everyone. Some want to save money and a renovation is less expensive than a rebuild. Others want to preserve some historic element in their existing home. Still others love their home, their yard and their neighborhood but find the home’s interior design no longer suits their lifestyle.