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Honor the Departed at the Walters Art Museum’s Dia de los Muertos Altar


640px-dia_de_muertos_altarcatch of the day fish (2)The end of October and beginning of November is a crowded time on the holiday calendar, so it’s time to start making preparations now.

More Women and Minority-Owned Investment Firms are Now Managing the Walters Art Museum’s Endowment


Walters_Art_Museum_ExteriorDiversifying is a common phrase when it comes to investing, but the Walters Art Museum is putting a little different spin on the idea. The Mt. Vernon museum signed on with new investment firms to manage its portfolio that are owned by women and people of color.

Walters Art Museum Mashups Pair New Sounds With Historic Visual Works

photo via Wikimedia Commons/Wallstreethotrod
photo via Wikimedia Commons/Wallstreethotrod

catch of the day fish (2)The Walters Art Museum isn’t offering outdoor concerts for the summer, but they’re still using the fair weather months to offer music in an out-of-the-ordinary context.

Baltimore Artist Plans Worlds Longest Game of Telephone



Clear your calendar for Sunday, May 22. That’s the day that Baltimore artist Lexie Mountain will host what she hopes will be a record-breaking game of telephone at The Walters Art Museum.

Washington Monument Time Capsules Show Historic Views of Declaration of Independence

The contents of the 1915 Washington Monument time capsule.
The contents of the 1915 Washington Monument time capsule.

Since uncovering two time capsules amid renovations of the Washington Monument, historians and conservators have been keeping mum on what’s inside. On Tuesday morning, it was time to lay the contents on the table. In doing so, they showed how presentations of documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Bible can change over time.

Walters Art Museum, Morgan State Partner Up


Walters_Art_Museum_ExteriorAs the city cleaned up on Tuesday, the Walters Art Museum and Morgan State University announced a new partnership.

X-Ray Finds Washington Monument Time Capsule Contents in Good Condition


capsule2The 100-year-old time capsule that was found in the Washington Monument is out of safekeeping at the Waters Art Museum. But they’re not quite ready to open it, despite positive X-ray results.

100-Year-Old Time Capsule Found in Washington Monument



Along with rare views of the city, the restoration on Baltimore’s Washington Monument turned up a small box that leaders hope will be a trove of city history. The contents, however, will remain a mystery at least for the time being.

World Refugee Day Celebration at the Walters


World Refugee Day

catch of the day fish (2)June 21 is World Refugee Day, which we have plenty of reason to honor here in Baltimore. Almost 15 million people across the world live as refugees, having fled political oppression, religious persecution or conflict. And each year, a fortunate few – less than 1% – qualify for the opportunity to restart their lives in the United States. The refugee and asylee agencies at the Baltimore Resettlement Center serve more than a thousand refugees and other humanitarian migrants every year. And so many of these folks have incredible stories to tell and talents to share, so we’re more than happy to head down to the Walters Art Museum this Saturday to celebrate and honor their lives and personal histories.

Women Are Taking Over Baltimore’s Art Institutions



This week, the Walters Art Museum welcomed its new director, Julia Marciari-Alexander. Marciari-Alexander replaces Gary Vikan, a 27-year veteran of the institution, and joins Doreen Bolger (director of the Baltimore Museum of Art) and Rebecca Hoffberger (director of the American Visionary Art Museum) to make a trifecta of badass women in charge of the city’s largest art institutions.