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Free Wi-Fi Throughout Baltimore? Tech Leader Says It’s Coming Soon

Deepak Jain, founder of AiNET (left), speaks with attendees at a public discussion at the old Hutzler’s Palace building on N. Howard Street.

Baltimore will soon have free Wi-Fi throughout the city, and it will start on the west side of downtown under a plan being formulated by a Maryland businessman.

Wu Tang LAN And Other Great Wifi Network Names in Baltimore



The art of the witty wifi network name has largely gone unrecognized–until now.

Baltimore Convention Center’s Blocked Wifi Results in $718,000 Fine



The Baltimore Convention Center used to have one of those exceedingly irritating wifi schemes, in which the center’s wireless provider blocked all other signals while charging exorbitant amounts for people to get online. Now that company is facing an exorbitant fine of its own–because it turns out that blocking wifi like that is against the law. Poetic justice!

Now You Can Text Your Heart Out at Ravens Games



In the past year or so, Ravens fans have faced a serious problem. No, I’m not referring to erratic play or domestic violence scandals. I’m talking about something much more serious: slow wifi.