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T. Boone Pickens Gives Millions to Hopkins



I’ve never fully believed that oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is a real person — that name is just too good, right? But I’m starting to finally buy it, especially now after the 85 year-old just pledged to give $20 million to Johns Hopkins for vision-related research.

Yoga for the Blind

Researchers run a yoga workshop for the seeing-impaired in Alabama, similar to the ones being set up for Baltimore.

Yoga class is hard enough already; just imagine what it would be like to vinyasa if you were blind. Pam Jeter, an Ashtango teacher who’s also a researcher at Johns Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute, had a different idea:  maybe yoga would actually help blind people with balance, locating the body in space, fear of falling, stress, and relaxation. So she began arranging for the first yoga therapy study to focus on the physical and emotional effects of yoga for the blind.

How Does Your Garden Show: Wilmer Eye Institute


Gardens at hospitals soften the experience for patients and staff. The gardens around the Johns Hopkins Hospital are as impressive as the size of that city within a city.

For various reasons my husband and I have become frequent fliers at the Wilmer Eye Institute there.