The Onion Uses Buck Showalter to Take Another Shot at Baltimore Crime

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Buck Showalter

After the Ravens’ 2013 Super Bowl victory, The Onion took a jab at Baltimore’s reputation for violent crime with an article titled “Baltimore Looking for Safer City to Host Super Bowl Parade.” A month later, they recycled the joke with an article that estimated the victory parade death toll at “only 20,000.” (I wonder whether the writer knew that the parade was in fact marred by the stabbing death of a 15-year-old.)

Now America’s finest news source has given the joke another try with Baltimore’s other major-league franchise in an article Wednesday titled “Buck Showalter Terrified to Walk Alone to Mound at Night.” For what it’s worth, it’s easily the funniest of the three. In it, a fictionalized Showalter reveals that during night games he is too scared to approach the pitcher’s mound without a catcher with him and always takes “a wide berth around Camden Yards’ perilous outfield, recounting how last fall he was robbed at knifepoint by Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis.”

But The Onion‘s jokes about Baltimore are not always centered around our unfortunate crime rate. I mean, they did run this quirky one-liner about Johns Hopkins University last year.

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