This Holiday Season, Shop Local at Ruxton Station and Wyndhurst Station

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Is there any feeling better than finding that perfect holiday gift for someone? The best gifts are those that are a gift that is special, delightful and, most of all unique. Gifts your friends and family will just adore and that will genuinely surprise them.

This holiday season, when hunting for those perfect presents, skip the mall crowds in favor of local businesses at small centers right in your backyard. At Ruxton Station and Wyndhurst Station, you’ll find fabulous items that won’t be under every other tree in Baltimore – and you’ll have fun while gift-hunting.

The Little Shoebox

Ruxton’s charming collection of buildings was built in the 1950’s and now houses a variety of boutique shops. Find wonderful gifts for everyone at Linens & Lingerie, JG Sassy, V Fashion, J. Mclaughlin and The Little Shoebox and go the extra mile with flourishes, like flowers from Rutland Beard Florist, cards and accessories from Simply Noted and even treats from Graul’s.

“Our stores at Ruxton Station are one of a kind,” says Emilie Blaze, owner of The Little Shoebox. “They’re so special. Each store is beautifully laid out with the thoughtfulness of our customer base and one of a kind items. We have taken the time to decorate our stores and choose items that you will not find at large ‘cookie cutter’ stores.”


At Wyndhurst Station, the businesses can take you from day to night during the busy holiday party season, says Jodie Gordon, owner of Embody Pilates & Wellness.

“Wyndhurst Station offers you quaint local shops that give you personal and boutique services,” she says. “You can grab a workout and facial at Embody Pilates & Wellness, then treat yourself to an acupuncture appointment at Helia to manage the stress of the holidays.


“Next,” she continues, “you move onto Shear Grace to get a blow out to look fabulous for the party! Then follow up with a manicure, pick out an outfit at Redux, throw in the errands of dropping off your dry cleaning and grabbing a gift at The Monogram Shop. Finish your day off having Shananigans Toy Shop pick out the perfect toy for your child!”

Shananigans Toy Shop
Shananigans Toy Shop

At both Ruxton and Wyndhurst, relationships are key to the shopping experience. “The relationships are equally as important as the sale!” says Jodie Gordon.

Emilie Blaze agrees that people come first when shopping small businesses in the community. “Shopping local puts you in touch with the community around you,” she says. “The men and women who work at Ruxton Station are from the surrounding area and care tremendously about the village. The small businesses and retailers make our area distinct, extraordinary and add flavor to the charming residential neighborhood.”

Keep your neighborhood charming and your gift-giving inspired – shop locally this holiday season.

Ruxton Station is located on the corner of Bellona Avenue and LaBelle Avenue, where Ruxton Road and Bellona Avenue intersect in Ruxton.

Wyndhurst Station is located on the corner of Wyndhurst Avenue and Lawndale Avenue in Roland Park.

For more information about both, visit

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