Tickets Issued to Distracted Drivers in Maryland Have Tripled

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Ever since using a cellphone while driving became a primary offense in Maryland — meaning distracted drivers could be pulled over for cellphone use alone — police across the state have tripled the number of tickets they’ve issued to gabby motorists. It’s $83 for the first offense, then $140, then $160. Then your loved ones stage an intervention to try to convince you to get with the program.

So, yes, you really better hang up the phone and drive. But not because of the fine. The fine is nothing compared with the risk of an accident and the tragedy that might entail. And come October, distracted driving that causes “a serious or fatal crash” could come with jail time.

And if you really care about safety, you’ll think twice before using your Bluetooth, too. It looks like hands-free devices are still dangerously distracting.

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  1. I was sitting outside at the Quarry Lake shopping center the other day, we heard a loud crash and saw that a young woman had jumped the curb and run into a trashcan outside of the Walgreens. A second or two later, she got out of the car, phone to her ear. As we watched her exit the parking lot about 10 minutes later, she still had the phone to her ear! Can’t help but wondering if the phone call and the crash were connected. Just to add to the crazy, someone else hit the same Walgreens about 10 minutes later.

    • Thank god she didn’t kill anybody. Not that she seems to have given a sh1t. It’s unbelievable the morons that go around glued to their cellphones. I hope they’re ticketed from here to kingdom come. They endanger us all.

    • Seriously! There was a man about 7 feet from her, walking in the direction of the trash can that she hit.

  2. I don’t know single person who has gotten a distracted driving ticket including me. the parking ladies , however, seem to be out in full force

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