Tonight at Respite Wellness Center Baltimore: Deepen your Practice with Patanjali Yoga

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Tonight – Deepen your Practice with Patanjali Yoga – Iyengar based practice is an adjunct to Jennifer’s teacher training – great practice for teachers and for those wishing to enjoy the present moment through true alignment and deepen the focus of their practice. $20 

Deepen your Practice with Patanjali Yoga

with Jennifer Helene Popken

Monday night classes are two hour classes dedicated to the deepening the practice of Patanjali Yoga. We will be focusing on alignment in Yoga asanas, usage of props (when needed), a balanced sequence, and a will include a once a month a Pranayama practice.

Taking the time to experience the asanas’ benefits, concentration, and tonification of the nervous system. This class will deepen your practice and self realization.


This special yoga practice is based on Jennifer Helene Popken’s Teacher Training program, “Patanjali Yoga” and is appropriate for practitioners on the yoga teaching path, as well as for those interested in deepening their own yoga practice.


About Patanjali Yoga:

Patanjali Yoga is based at the Institute for Yogic Sciences in Bern. Switzerland, and has been created through training with B.K.S. Iyengar (Iyengar Institute) Pune, India.

Patanjali Yoga will instill a different way of practicing yoga, whilst preventing injury and sustaining a lifetime of yogic practice and teaching.

  • Bring balance into your life by strengthening weak muscles in your mental, physical and emotional bodies
  • Develop ones own health, contentment and vitality
  • Develop a maturity in one’s personal practice
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of pranayamas and asanas
  • Work with teachings from Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga Philosphy

YOGA  is  Perfection in Practise, Study of the Self and  Attentiveness to the Divine.

Tapas Savadhyaya Ishvarapranidhana Kriyayogah

Patanjali Yoga Sutras, II.1

Event Info

6-7:30 pm Monday evenings weekly ($20 drop-in or 10 class cards for $180 ($18/class)  Contact: [email protected]


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