Tony Hale Speaks on Campus at the Calvert School

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Tony Hale’s favorite color is yellow. This was part of the inspiration for the look of the main character in his new children’s book, Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Archibald, a semi-bald, extra-ordinary chicken, sets out on many great adventures, accompanied by a buzzing bee.

With the color yellow brightening the pages and a bee buzzing an important message, it is fitting that Hale spoke at Calvert on Saturday night.

When filming the HBO sitcom Veep in Baltimore, Hale stops in aMuse Toys for gifts for his eight-year-old daughter. Owned by Calvert parents Tom and Claudia Towles, aMuse Toys and Calvert School were perfect venues to host events publicizing Hale’s new book with an important moral.The bee’s message? “Just bee.”

Hale, an Emmy-award winning actor, began his career always looking to the next big thing. “The thoughts of an actor aren’t very different from Archibald’s. I always find myself looking ahead to the next big role, the next big opportunity, obsessed with the question, ‘What’s next, what’s next, WHAT’S NEXT!?’ But embracing and enjoying the PRESENT is a message I want both my daughter and myself to remember. Every. Single. Day.”
Hale also discussed his years playing Buster Bluth on Arrested Development and the fun he had working with and befriending Liza Minnelli. Hale had the audience laughing with each story about Minnelli, just as Hale says co-star Will Arnett would have the cast laughing on set.
Playing Gary Walsh on Veep is another source of laughter for Hale, both on and off the set. The cast loves to dine together, and can sometimes be seen enjoying the many wonderful restaurants Baltimore has to offer. Hale has had a chance to get to know and love our city while filming here. The architecture, waterfront areas, and of course the food are some of the things that endear Charm City to him.
After playing so many loved roles on successful shows and authoring a children’s book, you might be wondering what’s next for Tony Hale, but he isn’t wondering. He’s going to enjoy right now.


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