As we reported on Monday, a Towson student was stabbed and robbed near campus. The police were unable to find the suspects… and then the very next night, the same thing happened: a college student in Towson (this time a Goucher student) was menaced by a group of young men who robbed and threatened to stab him. This second incident took place less than 24 hours after the first, and less than a block away on East Burke Avenue.

I’m not a police officer or anything, but it seems pretty clear that both robberies were committed by the same guys. Police have stepped up patrols in the area, and the universities are urging students to remain vigilant. The Towson student is still hospitalized, but the Goucher student got away unharmed.

Burke Avenue is near busy York Road, which might give students the idea of safety– but it might also give the suspects an easy and quick escape route. Stay safe out there, everyone.

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