These days, advertisers are increasingly wary about taking out ads aimed at children, thanks to stricter legal standards and the potential ire of advocacy watchdog groups.

Luckily, though, a whole new marketing category has been overlooked for years:  dogs. No, we’re serious — the world’s first television commercial aimed directly at pets started airing last week on Austrian television. After consulting a focus group of pet experts, Nestle developed a 23-second spot that features “a tone similar to a dog whistle, which humans can barely hear, as well as an audible ‘squeak’ like the sound dogs’ toys make and a high-pitched ‘ping.’ ” (Watch a dog watching the commercial here.) Apparently the company’s earlier efforts at “sniffable” ad posters was a rousing success, so they decided to take things to the next level.

Watch the ad with your dog, and let us know if s/he suddenly starts (non-verbally) insisting that you go to the store to buy Nestle-brand pet food… or if s/he simply licks your leg and falls asleep.