Two Sets of Baltimore Emojis Available Soon

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Pretty soon, you’ll be able to sprinkle your text messages with more Baltimore flair, thanks to two new sets of Baltimore-themed emojis. 

The Baltimore Ravens released their very own custom emojis in late July. Along with the obligatory purple jersey, purple helmet, and team logo, the images include a grinning purple smiley face (presumably to celebrate a victory) as well as a weeping purple guy (hope to never have need of that one). You can download them from the Ravens’ website here.

In the next few days, you should be able to access a whole new set of Baltimore-themed pictures uploaded to the app store by Baltimore resident Ross Nochumowitz. Nochumowitz knows a little bit about Baltimore love–he’s the man behind Baltimore in a Box, the service that delivers a box of locally themed goodies to homesick Baltimoreans around the country. (He’s also related to the genius minds behind the iconic pink and yellow Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens–there are some brilliant marketing minds in that family!)

Nochumowitz’s emoji set includes Edgar Allen Poe, a Natty Boh can, a Maryland flag, and a Greatest City in America Bench. It’s an even better list than we asked for back in June. And while these aren’t official emojis–meaning you can only use them in certain apps, not in normal text messaging–they’ll still make your communication with fellow Baltimoreans that much richer. The Baltimore emojis will be available as soon as the Apple Store approves of them; stay tuned!

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