Uber is delivering ice cream cakes with Charm City Cakes and The Charmery this Friday 7/24

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Remember the Eddie Murphy stand up? Even with the extra dose of expletives, it is one of the funniest things ever. As I watched the clip today, I was once again cracking up. And the red leather suit? So bad.

I remember the ice cream man in my hometown of Kingsville, Maryland. For a while, my childhood friend David’s father drove the Good Humor truck and since it was the smallest town you can ever imagine, the ice cream truck coming toward your house was pretty darn exciting. You could hear it one street over on Kingtop…heading to my street, Silver Spruce. My go to? A bomb pop or maybe a toasted almond bar. This was a big treat in my family, we didn’t have a lot of money for extra things like ice cream bars. Sometimes, if you were a dime short, Mr. Jackson would say, “I got this one, don’t worry, sweetie.” God bless life in a small town.

So, this is pretty cool. All over the world – in 254 cities on 6 continents – this Friday, Uber is delivering ice cream on demand. And since we Baltimoreans are the luckiest, we get ice cream CAKES (layered, in a mason jar) thanks to a partnership between Uber Maryland and Charm City Cakes and The Charmery. They’ve done this promotion before – um, how did I not know this? This year’s take on ice cream is “nostalgia” and the flavors are Tell Tale Chocolate Ice Cream with Classic Yellow Cake and Summer Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake.

Here’s the scoop on the promo:

1) #UberIceCream runs Friday, July 24th from 11AM-5PM.
2) Uber riders will be able to request personal ice cream cakes via the Uber app, and a driver partner will deliver the sweet treat within 5 minutes.
3) For $15, riders will receive two personal ice cream cakes and Uber swag.

As a preview treat, Uber delivered ice cream cakes to me on Wednesday. So, essentially, I had ice cream cake for lunch. Not terrible.




Amy Langrehr

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