Um, Actually Maryland Has the BEST State Flag

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Look, we here at Baltimore Fishbowl promise that we’re not die-hard Maryland chauvinists. We’re happy to admit that New Hampshire has a better state motto than we do (Live free or die!), and that Alaska has a cooler state sport (mushing!). So please believe that there’s absolutely no state bias involved when we point out that this Yahoo! News article claiming that Maryland has the worst state flag is, simply, stupid.

I’ve long been a fan of Maryland’s state flag, with its trippy patterns and iconic design. So many other state flags are simply some sort of circular seal on a blue background–snooze! Maryland’s state flag has even been described as “the perfect state flag” — now, that’s according to the Maryland Office of the Secretary of State, a potentially partisan source… but it also rings true. Why else would the University of Maryland base their football uniforms on the flag’s design? You definitely don’t see Virginia doing that…

So what’s Yahoo! News’s objection to our beloved flag? Here’s the entirety of their reasoning:

“See, what we notice about the Maryland state flag, is…*pukes on keyboard.”

Um, it’s hard to argue with that. Because there is no argument there. If you’re looking for worst-flag candidates, I’d like to direct your attention to Idaho (redundant), South Dakota (awful font), Mississippi (confederate shout-out), or Louisiana (pelicans?).

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  1. Idaho=blah, South Dakota=more of a kerning issue then the font, Mississippi=agreed, Louisiana=does that pelican have nipples?!?!?
    Oh, and Maryland=AWESOME!!!

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