Some girls grow up striving not to become the cat lady, old and alone with dozens of felines filling the void caused by the absence of a partner — maybe if we love pets, we see how easy the evolution could happen. Maybe guys feel the same. Who knows if that’s the case for the Anne Arundel resident in Severna Park whose house was raided at the end of September, and found to contain 70 hoarded cats. All that is known is that Anne Arundel Animal Control, county police, and the Humane Society pulled 67 kitties from the so-called Cool Cats Rescue Center. Anonymous callers voiced concerns for the health of the pets because of apparently shabby conditions. Two cats were found dead during the rescue. The lucky cats that survived have since taken up residence at the Animal Control Facility in Millersville, going through behavioral and health assessments to be put up for adoption.

County Executive Leopold suggests in a statement published in The Sun that stories like this one should serve as a reminder how important it is to spay and neuter pets. If only we could spay and neuter people, right?! It is a good thing that some people have big hearts and want to rescue animals and give them a home, but we have to stay reasonable and not take on more than we can handle. Hasn’t anyone seen “Fatal Attractions” on Animal Planet? Nothing good can come from cat hoarding. Before you know it, they’re clawing you and dragging you into their cage as a midnight snack. Well, okay, I guess that doesn’t happen unless you’re keeping lions, tigers, or panthers, but you get what I’m saying.

Anne Arundel County Animal Control currently seeks adopters for these “cool” recovering cats, hoping they will find good homes, inside which they will recover faster than at the shelter. Potential pet parents can view the cats-for-adoption by visiting the shelter or viewing its Facebook page. For as little as $16, you can parent one of the rescued felines already spayed/neutered, Felv/FIV tested, dewormed, treated for mites and fleas, vaccinated for rabies and FRCO, and licensed. All you have to do is come pick one! It won’t make you a cat lady or gent.