Under Armour CEO Funds Local Salad Dressing Company

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Under Armour may be one of the biggest retailers in the country, but that doesn’t mean that CEO Kevin Plank has his head in the clouds. His new investment in a small, Baltimore-based food company is just one further example.

Plank (along with his brother, Scott) are investing $5 million in Tessemae’s, a salad dressing company run by three Baltimore brothers. The salad dressings are based on the Vetter family matriarch’s recipe, and put a premium on health. They don’t include any wheat, sugar, dairy, or thickening agents. That means they’re compatible with any number of diets, from gluten-free to Whole 30 to paleo, which has probably contributed to their success.

The Plank brothers’ investment in the Vetter brothers’ company sounds like a smart bet: Tessemae’s sold $25 million worth of products last year, and its salad dressings are available in Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Safeway stores.

It’s always nice to see brothers helping out brothers!

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