Under Armour Founder on Maglev Train: “Frankly, I Love Big”

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Governor Larry Hogan isn’t the only prominent Marylander who’s vocally supporting the multi-billion dollar plan to build a high-speed train connecting Baltimore and DC (and, eventually, the whole East Coast): Under Armour’s Kevin Plank thinks the idea is “a great project.”

Plank is on the advisory board for the proposed maglev train, which would reportedly get travelers from DC to Baltimore in just 15 minutes. Northeast Maglev, the company behind the project, opened its new headquarters in Baltimore earlier this week. At that celebration, Plank urged the other luminaries present to “get the red tape out of the way.” “Please do anything you can, tell anybody that will listen,” he told listeners.

Momentum has been gaining on the project in recent months, even though plenty of folks are still skeptical–after all, high-speed rail has been proposed before, but never became a reality. Will the combined power (and money) of Plank and Hogan be enough to make it happen this time? We shall see…

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