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D.C. grants permit for Musk to dig for his Washington-Baltimore ‘Hyperloop’ tunnel

A planned dig site in Halethorpe. Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Maryland is now one of two East Coast government agencies that’s willing to let Elon Musk dig beneath the earth in hopes of building a vacuum-like, tube-based transportation system.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Can Reportedly Start Digging to Baltimore in January

Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

For better or worse, The Boring Company could have its high-powered digging machines up and running in Maryland by next month.

Gov. Hogan is Now Backing Elon Musk’s D.C.-Baltimore ‘Hyperloop’ Idea

A sign for The Boring Company in Anne Arundel County. Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Twitter.

A tube-based, vacuum-like electric transportation system is going to be built across dozens of miles along an underground stretch of Maryland, our governor says.

Elon Musk Claims ‘Verbal’ Government Approval to Build NY-Philly-Baltimore-DC Hyperloop

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk is stealing the MagLev’s thunder today, sending out a viral series of tweets about a proposed underground East Coast “Hyperloop” train that would run through Baltimore.

Under Armour Founder on Maglev Train: “Frankly, I Love Big”



Governor Larry Hogan isn’t the only prominent Marylander who’s vocally supporting the multi-billion dollar plan to build a high-speed train connecting Baltimore and DC (and, eventually, the whole East Coast): Under Armour’s Kevin Plank thinks the idea is “a great project.”

High-Speed Baltimore-DC Train Inches Closer to Reality



When I first heard about the proposed high-speed train that would rocket passengers from Baltimore to DC in around 15 minutes, I thought what many other people did: Great idea, but fat chance it’ll ever happen. Well, it’s looking like my pessimism might’ve been unwarranted; this week, the company that’s proposing to build the train announced that it already has $5 billion in funding, more than half the project’s estimated $8 billion cost. That’s $1 billion more than they were planning on lending a few months ago.

Amtrak Tests New Insanely Speedy Trains Near Baltimore


Amtrak has touted its “high-speed rail” for years now, so they may have some problems naming the new trains that they’re going to begin testing near Baltimore (and elsewhere along the Northeast corridor) this week. REALLY really high speed rail? The We-Mean-It-This-Time-It’s-Seriously-Fast Train? Or maybe just the 165 M.P.H. Train?