High-Speed Baltimore-DC Train Inches Closer to Reality

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When I first heard about the proposed high-speed train that would rocket passengers from Baltimore to DC in around 15 minutes, I thought what many other people did: Great idea, but fat chance it’ll ever happen. Well, it’s looking like my pessimism might’ve been unwarranted; this week, the company that’s proposing to build the train announced that it already has $5 billion in funding, more than half the project’s estimated $8 billion cost. That’s $1 billion more than they were planning on lending a few months ago.

These Japanese government is so confident that this is the technology of the future that the’ve also agreed to waive licensing fees for the¬†maglev train technology, paving the way for the first so-called floating train in the United States. The ultimate goal is to build high-speed rail line stretching from DC all the way up to Boston.

Of course, funding is just the first step in a process that’s probably going to last more than a decade… but the more real this plan seems, the more excited I get.

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