Video Americain Is Officially Dead!

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Video Americain

People, I missed it! I guess I was too busy searching for Cyber Monday’s most extremely discounted KitchenAid stand mixer to notice that yesterday was the last day ever to rent a movie from the last Video Americain standing in Roland Park.

And unfortunately, owners Annie and Barry Solan could not come to an agreement with the Baltimore Video Collective that would have preserved the entire collection.

The only upside is that starting Friday, you can go in and buy your favorite film from their library to be used as a visual aid when you try to describe to your grandchildren a time before all movies were directly downloaded into our brains.




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  1. I was delighted to find out that Jubilee Baltimore has rented a large space in their building on North Avenue for the film/video departments of MICA and JHU to share. I wrote both immediately saying they should buy the Video Americain collection. Got immediate answer on Sunday from JHU that indeed they had bought thousands of the movies from VA when they closed the Charles Street store. I still wish someone would walk in on Thursday and say, OK, here’s the money you want plus some, in thanks of your dedication and great taste.

  2. Our Evergreen neighborhood is bereft. My daughter’s favorite slumber party activity was to dress up in ridiculous costumes and walk down and rent a movie. Goodbye, friends.

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