Weekly Wellness Tip by Fit For You – Green Cleaning & Prosciutto Egg Cups

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imagesWeekly Wellness Tip

Green Cleaning 
Going green isn’t that difficult –  you can swap toxic cleaners with greener options that you have in your pantry or medicine cabinet:

Vinegar – spray full strength on counters and follow with hydrogen peroxide. Mixed 1:1 with water, it cleans fabric and carpet stains.

Baking Soda – useful against mold and stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide – use full strength in a spray bottle to clean surfaces. Use on colorfast clothing to treat stains.

Borax – a laundry booster, fungicide, herbicide and general household cleaner.

Rubbing Alcohol – use it to clean sinks, stainless, and chrome. Dilute with water to wash windows.

Lemons – rub on surface of your cutting boards and rinse clean. The acidity kills bacteria.

Castile Soap – mild on the skin, can be used as dish detergent, hand soap, and all-purpose cleaner.

Coca Cola – Cleans toilets, rusty parts, and even laundry.

Water – the primary ingredient in most commercial cleaning products. Keep it in a spray bottle to spot clean.

Activated Charcoal – an open container in the refrigerator or on the counter acts as an air freshener. Keep out of reach of children or pets.

(Ref: Mary L. Doyle, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)



Recipe of the Week:

This recipe for Prosciutto Egg Cups is so amazingly simple and so amazingly good. It makes for a great breakfast and can be eaten on the go. Just reheat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Click for Recipe.

Quote of the Week:

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

–       John Wooden





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