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The Thing About Coffee Is… it Depends.



“Is coffee good for you?” asked my Uber driver

Weekly Wellness Tip from Fit For You: Heart Attack Care & Zucchini Salad With Arugula, Mint and Lemon

Photo courtesy of Goop.com
Photo courtesy of Goop.com

Weekly Wellness Tip

The Changing Face of Heart Attack Care
In a heart attack, a blocked artery prevents blood from reaching an area of heart muscle. At first, cells are merely stunned, but as minutes tick by, they start to die.

Weekly Wellness Tip from Fit For You: Can Your Diet Save Your Brain?

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Leafy greens, vegetables and olive oil are foods that boost brain health

Weekly Wellness Tip :Can Your Diet Save Your Brain

Weekly Wellness Tip by Fit For You – Moving Side to Side & Dry Poaching Chicken


unnamed-2Weekly Wellness Tip

Moving Side-to-Side
When exercising you commonly move from front to back, but how much thought do you give to moving side-to-side? Moving side-to-side is a lateral movement that engages your hip abductor muscles.

These muscles help you walk, run, play sports, balance on one foot, dance, get into and out of a car and get onto and off a bicycle. Bottom line, they improve functional fitness, enhance core stability and prevent injuries.

Exercises that strengthen your hip abductor muscles include side-lying leg raises, standing side leg raises, side step-ups, balancing on one leg, and side steps with or without a resistance band.

Photo courtesy of The Kitchn
Photo courtesy of The Kitchn

Recipe of the Week:

Say good-bye to dry and chewy chicken breast.  This recipe for Dry Poaching Chicken Breasts will deliver moist and tender results. Click for Recipe.

Quote of the Week:

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”

–       Mandy Hale

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Weekly Wellness Tip by Fit For You – Green Cleaning & Prosciutto Egg Cups


imagesWeekly Wellness Tip

Green Cleaning 
Going green isn’t that difficult –  you can swap toxic cleaners with greener options that you have in your pantry or medicine cabinet:

At 61, Deb is in the Best Shape of Her Life – Fit For You



Deb Tillett, President and Executive Director of ETC, began working out with Fit For You in July 2006.

A Gift of Memory


Baltimore writer and comic podcaster Geoffrey Welchman recounts his final conversation with his father.

We were talking after dinner, my mother, father, and I.

As usual after a meal, my mother hovered in their kitchen, clearing plates and announcing what was on offer for dessert (“Peaches! We have fresh peaches!”), while my dad and I lingered at the table.