Weekly Wellness Tip: Redefining Healthy

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noun: well-being; noun: wellbeing
  1. the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.
    “an improvement in the patient’s well-being”

Jane Brody, a writer for the New York Times, evaluates her overall health as “healthy”.

At 74 she works part-time, walks three miles and swims three-quarters of a mile nearly every day, shovels snow and walks her puppy.

However, due to arthritis she had a double-knee replacement 10 years ago, her spine is a mess, and her back hurts. She has tinnitus and some hearing loss in one ear. She was also treated for breast cancer 16 years ago and takes a statin.

Debbie Schultz Fit for You
Debbie Schultz
Fit for You

So how do we define healthy? Most people, like Jane, are aging with chronic ailments and disabilities, yet they continue to enjoy life and function independently. Maybe we should think of healthy as: “An individual’s ability to cope with life’s ailments, while continuing to function with fulfillment and a feeling of well-being”.(Machtel Huber and colleagues BMJ 2011).

Recipe of the Week:


Get out your wok, it’s time to stir-fry a Beef and Broccoli Bowl. As with most stir-fries, the cooking moves fast so make sure you have all your ingredients prepped before you start.  Click for Recipe

Quote of the Week:

“Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

–        Nora Ephron





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