“The Wire” Actor Says Alleged Victim Tried to Pull Him into Her Hotel Room

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Wendell Pierce as "Bunk" Moreland in The Wire.
Wendell Pierce as “Bunk” Moreland in The Wire.

The story of The Wire actor Wendell Pierce’s arrest for simple battery has accrued more details as well as more dispute.

Initial reports from TMZ and The Daily Beast described a late-night political discussion between Pierce (who is “with her”) and a woman-plus-boyfriend (who may or may not “Bern” with intensity) which turned violent.

Now it seems that more people were present (Pierce’s girlfriend and another person in the victim’s party), and the altercation occurred just outside the alleged victim’s hotel room. What’s in dispute — of course — is who got physical. According to the alleged victim, Pierce followed her and her friends to their room and tried to forcibly enter it. When they tried to keep him out, “he began to hit her in the head and grab her hoodie.”

Pierce agrees that he followed them to their room, as they discussed politics, but says it was the woman and her friends who began pulling on him to force him into the room, which he resisted.

Pierce’s story makes less sense on its face, but who knows.


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