As we noted last week, Johns Hopkins pretty much dominates medicine in this town — medical treatment, medical education, medical research, you name it. But say you wanted someone to stick a bunch of needles in your back to help your migraine, or an herbal tea to treat your skin issues, or a nutritional consultation that addressed your anxiety. Odds are, Hopkins docs couldn’t help you much there.

So if Eastern/integrative/holistic/herbal medicine is your bag, you’ll be happy to hear that Baltimore boasts a whole different world-class institution with less of a focus on double-blind trials, and more of an emphasis on the “ongoing achievement of wellness in our lives, in our families, in our community, in the world.” At Tai Sophia, you can get an M.A. in Transformative Leadership and Social Change, an M.S. in Herbal Medicine, a Post-Master’s Certificate in Women’s Holistic Health, or a Graduate Certificate in Chinese herbs – among other options.

By now, you’ve either run screaming for some Advil, or you’re intrigued. If it’s the latter, consider stopping by Tai Sophia’s graduate school summer showcase this Saturday, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. You can check out presentations, chat with profs and students, sample some herbal preparations, and wander the campus.

(Hot tip:  it’s also a great place to get affordable acupuncture, which I hear really does help with migraines…)