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Baltimore-Area University Offers Unique Master’s Degree in Yoga Therapy



Back in the day, to be a yoga master you had to move to India, give up all your worldly possessions, and stand on your head for at least two hours a day. It’s nice that things have gotten simpler. Starting in September, Tai Sophia — the Baltimore-area “integrative health” academic institution — will offer a Master’s of Science in Yoga Therapy. Kinda makes me want to go back to school.

Frugal Tip of the Day – Cheap Alternative Medicine


In today’s health-conscious, greening world, alternative medicine is seeming less and less, well, alternative. A 2008 survey found that more than a third of adults nationwide rely on complementary and alternative medicine, meaning everything from herbs to meditation to massage therapy to lifestyle adjustments.

But most health care plans don’t fully cover alternative medicine, which can be pricey. “In this way, herbal medicine has provided a service for a population privileged to be able to pay for their choice in healthcare and subsequently has become out of reach for a large number of individuals,” representatives from Tai Sophia, the region’s leading alternative medicine school, point out.

Lucky for you, though, Tai Sophia offers a lower-cost consultation service, where student herbalists consult under the supervision of the school’s faculty herbalists. After answering questions about your diet, medical history, mood, and habits, you get a personalized herbal prescription to suit your particular needs. (Tai Sophia also has an herbal dispensary, just in case you don’t happen to have hibiscus and St. John’s Wort lying around at home.) Hour-long consultations are by appointment only, and cost $30 (although the first visit, which usually lasts around two hours, is $45). If this sounds like your kind of thing, consultations happen in Baltimore on Wednesday mornings, and in Laurel or Silver Spring on Fridays. To make an appointment, call 410.888.9048 ex.6667.

Where to Learn the Medicine They Don’t Teach at Hopkins


As we noted last week, Johns Hopkins pretty much dominates medicine in this town — medical treatment, medical education, medical research, you name it. But say you wanted someone to stick a bunch of needles in your back to help your migraine, or an herbal tea to treat your skin issues, or a nutritional consultation that addressed your anxiety. Odds are, Hopkins docs couldn’t help you much there.

So if Eastern/integrative/holistic/herbal medicine is your bag, you’ll be happy to hear that Baltimore boasts a whole different world-class institution with less of a focus on double-blind trials, and more of an emphasis on the “ongoing achievement of wellness in our lives, in our families, in our community, in the world.” At Tai Sophia, you can get an M.A. in Transformative Leadership and Social Change, an M.S. in Herbal Medicine, a Post-Master’s Certificate in Women’s Holistic Health, or a Graduate Certificate in Chinese herbs – among other options.

By now, you’ve either run screaming for some Advil, or you’re intrigued. If it’s the latter, consider stopping by Tai Sophia’s graduate school summer showcase this Saturday, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. You can check out presentations, chat with profs and students, sample some herbal preparations, and wander the campus.

(Hot tip:  it’s also a great place to get affordable acupuncture, which I hear really does help with migraines…)