Jessica Gorsky has been involved with The Associated for the past seven years. She balances a busy professional career as a Trusts and Estates attorney and mom to an active two-year old with her volunteer positions as co-chair of the Ben-Gurion Society, board member of The Associated’s Young Adult Division (YAD) and ambassador for the Baltimore-Odesa Partnership.

Here are 10 things to know about Jessica.

1. Jessica and her husband Jordan, met in 2011 during their first year of law school at the University of Baltimore. They are both attorneys at Whiteford, Taylor and Preston.

2. Interestingly enough, as a young child, Jessica says she wanted to be a lawyer or “businesswoman” when she grew up.

“I was obsessed with briefcases.” #girlboss

3. She is a first generation American, her family on both sides immigrated to Baltimore from Ukraine in 1979. 

“My parents were teenagers when they came to the states.  My father came with his parents to Baltimore from Kiev, while my mother came with her parents from Odesa.  My parents met in Baltimore and have lived primarily in Baltimore ever since.”

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