Craig Bettenhausen and Whitney Treseder


Comparing prices between the Salvation Army’s DMG Foods, Safeway and Aldi

Photo by Craig Bettenhausen.

DMG Foods is a new endeavor for the Salvation Army, a Christian group known mostly for thrift stores and charity work. We wanted to answer two questions about the store: How do its prices compare to other grocers? And is it mostly intended for lower-income shoppers, or is it for anyone?

Inside DMG Foods, the Salvation Army’s grocery store in Harwood

Photo by Craig Bettenhausen

Earlier this spring, the Salvation Army opened its first-ever grocery store, DMG Foods, in Harwood, a new direction for their mission being tried out right here in Baltimore.

“Because the Salvation Army has always been involved in food delivery,” explains Maj. Gene Hogg, “it seemed like a natural progression to try to fit into a larger sustainability program on food insecurity within the food desert.”