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Billy Ripken’s Baseball Card Controversy of 1989


From the Ghosts of Baltimore – Remember this? If you were a big baseball card collector, you sure do.

billy ripken
Bill Ripken 1989 Fleer

Here’s a story about it from CNBC, posted December 9th, 2008.

“I got a dozen bats in front of my locker during the 1988 season. I pulled the bats out, model R161, and noticed–because of the grain patterns–that they were too heavy. But I decided I’d use one of them, at the very least, for my batting practice bat.”

President Coolidge Attends Unveiling of Lafayette Statue


Courtesy Ghosts of Baltimore – Below is an article that we found in The Baltimore Sun, printed on September 7th.

President Coolidge’s address at the unveiling of the Lafayette Monument paid a graceful tribute to the great Frenchman. It was the second speech on Lafayette the President has delivered and he has made himself thoroughly familiar with his subject. Viewing Lafayette’s career as demonstrating his devotion to ordered liberty, to moderation and to self-government, the President took the opportunity to emphasize the needs of those virtues at the present time. This led him to a discussion of issues that enter into the present Presidential campaign. In doing so he boldly challenged those who would destroy the authority of the United States Supreme Court.

The President touched so directly on political issues which are now in the public mind that surprise may be expressed that he did not go farther and see his way clear to take a bold stand on one other matter that engages public attention. It is the introduction into our politics of religious bigotry and race hatred. Surely on such an occasion, dealing with a man who loved all mankind, who was the apotheosis of toleration, the President might have found it fitting to say a word that would have placed him in courageous opposition to a movement that conveys a threat to the fundamentals of free government.

Plane Crashes Into Memorial Stadium, 1976


Courtesy Ghosts of Baltimore – I saw this photo on Pinterest and, at first, I thought it was fake. A plane really crashed into Memorial Stadium?

plane crashes into Memorial Stadium

plane crashes into Memorial Stadium

Source: The Baltimore Sun

This happened on December 19th, 1976 only 10 minutes after a Steelers and Colts game. Pittsburgh had dominated during the game, so fortunately, a large number of fans had left relatively early and nobody was seriously injured.

We dug up a story about the crash in The New York Times from December 21st, 1976.

The pilot of a light plane who crashed in the top deck of Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium after Sunday’s playoff football game had been free on $2,100 bond on a previous charge of reckless flying, the authorities said yesterday. For four years before last October, the pilot had been grounded for psychiatric reasons, the authorities said.

The 33-year-old pilot, Donald Kroner, was to be arrested today after his expected release from Union Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for cuts, abrasions and chest bruises suffered in the crash of his plane.

The Baltimore County police said that Mr. Kroner had been arrested on Dec. 14. He was accused then of reckless flying, littering, and making a bomb threat against a former Baltimore Colt linebacker, Bill Pellington.

Mr. Pellington, who retired from the Colts in the late 1960′s, is the proprietor of a restaurant and bar from which Mr. Kroner was once ejected, allegedly for using abusive language.

Roland Park: The “Most Fashionable” Suburb Says 1908 Article


We recently discovered a new website, Ghosts of Baltimore, that we think our readers will enjoy and we will occasionally share stories, as we do with a few other websites around town.  The editor of Ghosts researches the Library of Congress, newspaper archives and other resources to unveil the history of the city. Check out, below, a 1908 story about Roland Park. -The Eds.

Courtesy Ghosts of Baltimore – We came across an incredible and fascinating series of articles in the Baltimore Sun printed in 1908. The one we’re featuring here details the history of Roland Park, how it was founded and developed. It was published on Sunday, December 27th, 1908.

a typical Roland Park road

a typical Roland Park road

The most fashionable and, undoubtedly, the most pretentious suburb of Baltimore is Roland Park.

The mad, mad rush to get to Roland Park in the last few years has been appalling. Stand on the new St. Paul Street Boulevard and you can actually almost count the families struggling by, with their family chattels piled in vans, on their way to the suburb, and the wishes of those people who don’t live there and would like to live there whiz by you like Rossetti’s new souls going into heaven.

The development of Roland Park has been phenomenal. Not a generation ago it was a majestic and rather disorderly stretch of orchard forest and meadow land. Now it is a beautiful, tidy, ultra-civilized and altogether attractive residence district.