Recently, Beth H. Goldsmith, former Chair of the Board, went out into the community to meet with experts from The Associated system, who are making sure your kid’s back to school is the best ever.

Join Beth as she sits down with Rabbi Aaron Levitt, Director of Jewish Educational Services, and talks about the challenges educators and families face in the aftermath of COVID-19 and how what they’re doing about it. Next, hear from Martha Goodman, Coordinator of MDSnap, and how this program under The Macks Center for Jewish Connections is supporting families with children with learning disabilities. Finally, walk through the Jewish Library of Baltimore with Executive Director Jessica Fink, and learn how the Library’s collection of over 20,000 books and other educational resources support Baltimore’s Jewish community through their Jewish journey.

Thank you to our wonderful experts!

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The Associated Contributors

The Associated Contributors are writers from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.