Bill to Protect Baltimore Bikers Passes in House

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If you’ve biked Baltimore’s busy roads, you know that it can be scary out there for a cyclist. But new legislation working its way through state government will hopefully make things a little bit better.

House Bill 214 calls for drivers to give cyclists 3 feet of room when passing. It’s modeled after a similar law enacted in California a couple years ago, which requires drivers to either give 3 feet of space while passing — or, if that’s not possible, to slow down, chill out, and wait until it is possible before doing so. The version of the bill that ended up passing was slightly less stringent than some bike activists wanted, but is still a step in the right direction.

The bill still needs to pass the state Senate and be signed into law by Governor Hogan. But it’s not a bad idea to start practicing good car-bike etiquette now, for everyone’s sake.

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  1. Bikers want to be treated equally, but still ignore the traffic laws. I see bikers every morning on St. Paul street running red lights and doing a grand slalom between cars. Hypocrites. 🙂

  2. That’s unfortunate but certainly does not pertain to ALL cyclists. A number of motorists exhibit the same or worse behavior behind the wheel– that doesn’t make them all reckless idiots (or “hypocrites”). It’s simple-minded attitudes like this that can make the roads a very dangerous place: the mindset that your rights are greater than mine or vice versa. I see cyclists everyday that give the rest of us a bad name. I wish that weren’t the case. But I do know that if I hit one with my car, I risk financial loss and possible jail time. In the long run, I’d rather be happy than right. I think most reasonably-minded cyclists and motorists would say the same. 3 feet makes sense…deal with it or we all pay a price.

    • Indeed. There’s a whole traffic court system with judges and all that goes along with it for automobile enthusiasts; there are no bicycle courts. So who has the bigger law disobeying problem? Automobiles, obviously!

  3. How about Ruxton Rd.? Do you know how aggravating it is for some biker during rush hour to be peddling uphill at a dizzying 1.5 miles an hour on a road with no shoulder at all and curves galore? I love it in the rain and dark. I don’t want to hurt anyone but could somebody possibly use a brain cell about where they’re biking? Oh yeah and the guy on York Rd during morning rush hour who weaves in and out of two lanes of traffic and runs red lights…he is endangering himself and others.

    • Your aggravation is not the cyclists problem. See a counselor about your issues. I wish dopey mommy-types in big Chevy Suburbans would put down their phones and drive, but we live in a world where we have to put up with morons and hope they don’t kill us. Got it Jenifer?

  4. Surprisingly I often wonder where all the drivers are in such a rush to get too? Is making it to the grocery store, job, Dr apt, etc.. All that important that 15-30 seconds could make such a difference. It could make a huge difference in that cyclist’s life. Is it worth injuring or killing a person who is a father, mother, loved one? Get some perspective on just how important your time really is..doing errands.

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